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Name: Doraemon

  • Origin: Japan
  • Creator: Fujiko F. Fujio


  • Doraemon has a blue robotic cat-like appearance with round ears and a red cylindrical device around his neck.
  • His 4D pocket contains various futuristic gadgets, which are handy tools and devices to assist and solve problems for his owner, Nobita.


  • Doraemon carries a pocket book called "Doraemon's Secret Gadgets," which holds useful future tools.
  • An ideal companion, Doraemon possesses a youthful, humorous spirit and is always ready to help his friends.
  • Despite mischievous and lazy tendencies, Doraemon is dedicated to his mission of assisting Nobita and his close friends.

Abilities and Tools:

  • Doraemon uses various future gadgets from his 4D pocket, including items like a time door, a mind-processing machine, and many other useful inventions.
  • Each gadget serves a specific function, helping the main character, Nobita, overcome challenging situations and embark on exciting adventures.


  • Doraemon is not only beloved in Japan but also worldwide, representing companionship, support, and optimism.
  • Beyond comics and animated series, Doraemon has become a cultural icon, appearing on various products, toys, and personal items.

Doraemon, the robotic cat, is a friendly and humane character that brings smiles and warmth to audiences of all ages.

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